Monday updates.

On the third day of Chanukah, Kerri received a special aquarium "Sea Monkeys" kit.  There are 75 sea monkeys, and she has been busy naming them all.

We ended up having a snow day yesterday, but it should have been called an ICE day.  Daddy worked from home, and Kerri had to be extra quiet.  Surprisingly, she did really well.

Pookie, on the other hand, is on time out.  He tore up the bottom of our basement family room couches (probably trying to get a bone or ball from underneath the couches).  We are pretty surprised, since he is 5 1/2 and has never done this before. 

It is really starting to feel more like winter.  It was ten degrees this morning, and there is a light dusting of snow buried under all that ice and slush. 

Life with Kerri is going to turn up the furnace.