Catching up!

  • Wednesday, Kerri went back to school.  And after school, she went to her first ever gymnastics class.  It was awesome to see how well she did - her splits and back bends were as good as the experienced gymnasts, and even her first ever trampoline and vault jumps were good.  She still has to work on some new skills (handstands, cartwheels), but for a first ever class, I was quite impressed at how well her balance and coordination were - the therapy really paid off!
  • Thursday after school Kerri attended Brownies.  She is coming right along as a Circle Leader, and earning badges along the way.  I think we need to start sewing badges on the back of her sash now.
  • Friday Kerri attended cooking school, while Daddy and I hung out at the cafeteria section to wait.  It has become our "date night".  And we ended up grocery shopping afterwards together, so we had quite the night.
  • Saturday morning Kerri attended a birthday party at a bowling alley, and got a strike on her first throw.  She had a lot of fun!  After the party, we headed to the mall because Daddy's glasses broke in half, so he needed a new exam and glasses.  We shopped a bit and then as we were leaving, we were blessed with the most beautiful snow fall I have ever seen.  The snow flakes were huge and fat!  Hubby stopped to take a picture, we were so in awe.  We also celebrated the first night of Chanukah, and Kerri got to open her gifts from her godfamily (who spoiled her rotten). 
  • Sunday, Kerri's friend Lucas helped her light the second Chanukah candle.  We enjoyed latkes and played with the dreidel (Daddy won!).  And much chocolate was consumed - by Daddy.  Kerri opened her second gift, which was a snow ball maker/thrower that she really wanted. 
  • Tomorrow we are waiting to see if it will be a snow day, since we are supposed to get a storm tonight and freezing rain pretty much all day tomorrow. 

And I believe Life with Kerri is all caught up!