Balanced - sort of.

On the fourth day of Chanukah, Kerri received 3 wonderful books, that she is already devouring.  On the fifth day of Chanukah, Kerri got a German set of fine markers - which she really wanted and promptly put to use.  She has been lighting the candles every day, and proudly wears her new Star of David necklace that her godfamily sent her.

Yesterday, Kerri had her second gymnastics class.  She attempted to do a back bend on the balance beam all by herself.  Every time she fell off, she would loudly grunt - to make sure we all knew she fell.  I counted eight grunts.  She is truly scared of the balance beam, and she is very much aware of her balance and coordination issues.  But she gets up there and keeps trying.  She is so brave, and my heart swells to watch her slowly walk across.  For the other girls (who also fall off every now and then) this is no big deal - but for Kerri, who has been in therapy for over a year - this is HUGE. 

So far, she is loving gymnastics.  I was told she would never be able to do this.  Yet yesterday she learned how to do a cartwheel - her own way.  All the other girls did it the "right" way (starting with their left side).  Kerri, on the other hand, did it backwards, starting on the right side and flipping the other way.  I am not sure if that is a left handed thing or a dyslexia thing.  But the coach did not seem to mind and did not correct her.  Kerri has amazing flexibility, and her splits and back bends are very good.  She likes the vault, the floor, and the trampoline.  And yesterday she practiced flips into the foam pit.  The only part she does not really like is the dancing - but then again, neither do the other girls on her team.

Today Kerri is in her school play.  She is a dancer, playing a twinkling star that spins - or so she tells me.  Not sure what the teacher was thinking putting the kid with balance and coordination problems as a spinning dancer.  But Kerri seems happy, and that is all that matters to me.  I like that she takes on challenges instead of taking the easy way out.  Kerri keeps amazing me.  We don't label or limit her, and neither does she.

Life with Kerri is happily twirling.