11 Weeks; Kate's Pregnant and the Mean Mommy Club

Hello world of readers!

Today I am 11 weeks pregnant.  My little Nugget is the size of a fig, somewhere around 2 inches long and according to my apps, is looking decidedly human like.  Except for the fact that its head is half the length of its body, so that's a little weird. Baby's organs, including the irises of his/her eyes and the gallbladder are forming.  I can only hope for blue eyes like Daddy and a gallbladder that does not cause trouble later in life.  

I'm very grateful to almost be through the first trimester, but slightly worried because I haven't been gaining any weight yet.  In fact, my scale shows me two pounds lighter than I was two weeks ago.  I'm not sure why this is.  I'm eating more than I was before, and more often.  I eat breakfast every day, and I snack a lot more often. I'm not throwing up as much anymore, and definitely not often enough to cause weight loss (at least, I don't think so).  The scale this morning showed me at 100.2 pounds, which is the lowest it's been since even before I got pregnant. Is the scale broken or am I broken?  I don't feel like I am skinnier...my pants feel tighter around the waist and my scrubs actually left waistband imprints on me yesterday from being a little snug. Luckily, doctor's visit next week and I can go over these concerns.

In other news....basically the most important news in the world right now...(Fiscal cliff, what??)

KATE IS PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, so excited.  So so so so so excited.  I just love her to pieces.  I read one comment in an article that made me laugh-"No normal woman wants her pregnancy known before the first trimester is over."  So guess I'm not normal. :) We knew that though!  Anyway, I feel so bad for her but I joked with Mark the other night that she's probably still pretty while she's puking so I can't feel too bad for her.  Hopefully though her H.G. goes away as fast as it came on.  I can't wait to copy her maternity fashions and then convince Mark to move to London so our future little girl can marry the new future little king. ;-) 

So, what do I mean by the Mean Mommy Club?  I don't know if anyone else has noticed this phenomenon but I had started to pick up on it a few months ago as I was going on pregnancy websites, and definitely noticed it in the comments on the articles about Kate.  There's this weird culture of moms where if you didn't have an all natural vaginal birth with Enya playing and a birthing plan that happened step by step, if you didn't use a midwife or have a home birth or a water birth, if you had to have a C-Section, if you didn't breastfeed until the kid was 10 years old, if you go back to work, if you don't use cloth diapers, if you don't hand make every baby craft found on Pinterest, if you dare to feed your kid pre-packaged foods... you are a horrible mom.  

Some of the comments I read about Kate were so derogatory-that she should just suck it up, that everyone has morning sickness and she's just exaggerating because she's a princess (not in a good way), etc, etc.  That THEY threw up every day for 6 months and never got admitted to the hospital.  Well, bully for them. Her every decision will be scrutinized.  I've been feeling that a little bit myself recently.  Everyone has an opinion on what you should eat, how you should sleep, they all want to share their labor stories and try to give you well meaning but condescending advice.

I don't understand why we, as women, do not do everything we can to lift each other up and support each other's decisions.  Why do we feel the need to tear everyone around us down?  The world is hard enough for a chick.  We don't need to deal with Mean Mommies too.  And I know right now that I am going to make decisions that are going to have some moms look down on me-I am fully prepared to ask for drugs in labor, I won't look down on myself if I have to have a C-section, and my kids are going to eat Kraft Mac n Cheese and LOVE IT just like mommy does.  I'm going to eat what my doctor tells me I can and I'm going to sleep however I can get comfortable (because sleeping is really hard lately).  And cloth diapers are gross.  Who has time for that!?  Good grief.  (Unless, if you do have time for cloth diapers, go on with your bad self because that's YOUR decision to make.)

And you know what, Mean Mommies?  These things don't make me a bad mom.  Maybe it makes me different from you, but not bad.  In the end, I'm sure Kate wants what I want (I know this because I know her so well).  We just want to be free to make our own choices.  Even if that means making our own mistakes sometimes.  We want the freedom to establish ourselves as mommies in our own rights, not just as a copy of someone else's motherhood.  We want to be trusted to have made the best decision we could with what we have to work with, because being pregnant is hard enough without being doubted about the decisions you make.  Mommies of the world, I support you 100,000%.  Now, leave me and Kate alone!

Look for an update next week after the 12 week doctor's visit, and new belly pictures coming to a computer screen near you!  2nd trimester, here I come! 


PS-Does anyone have ideas for good, healthy recipes for one or two people?  I'd love some tips for easy to make lunches or week night dinners since with Mark's and my schedule, it's not always easy to eat together.  And when you are eating by yourself, it's easy to want to eat junk.