• Nana has been spending part of her vacation with us, and we have been having lots of girly fun.  So far, we have bought clothes, gotten our nails done, gone out to lunch and dinner - and that's just us big girls.  Kerri and Nana have been drawing, hugging, arguing like sisters, watching movies, and eating - lots of cookies!
  • Our city has changed our garbage pick up to once biweekly, and it really stinks.  Seriously, two weeks of garbage is really gross.
  • We have been dealing with some bullying at school and on the bus, again.  In one instance, Kerri got punched in the face by a first grade boy at recess for no reason.  I am so sad.  Kerri's nightmares have resumed, and she is waking us up several times a night.  This morning, she was up and dressed for school before I was!  I have talked to the school and they are addressing it, but it seems that when one stops, another boy takes their place. 
  • And as far as bullying is concerned, I have been shocked at some of the things I have seen posted on Facebook during the U.S. election.  People, your kids are watching and learning.  We can agree to disagree respectfully and without resorting to bullying tactics and mean (rude and nasty!) name calling and comments. 
  • Today is the last swim class of the year for Kerri!  She has done a great job, and her confidence in the water has really grown.  I foresee more lessons in the Spring!

Life with Kerri has been busy.