The call.

This morning, the cooking school manager called me - before I even had a chance to call her.  The mom of the other boy had called early this morning to complain, and the manager wanted to hear what I had to say.  She was not happy that her staff did nothing about the behaviour.

So, the outcome is that she will be talking to the parents of the children involved, and the parents either have to stay in class with them or the kids are not welcome in the class anymore.

In other news, the Mama Mobile was towed this morning to the dealer.  She decided she liked it there and wanted to return, so she put her "check engine" light on and sputtered a bit just to show off.  Now we are waiting for them to call us and tell us just how much money the dealer needs to keep the Mama Mobile happy. 

And Kerri's finger (the one that was dislocated) is stiff, and hurts a bit.  She cannot bend it all the way down yet.  I told her if it was still bothering her today I would take her back to have it looked at.

Life with Kerri is waiting for another call.