Sweet...and bitter chocolate.

Yesterday Kerri took her "ex" to a chocolate cooking class.  They are, after all, the very best of friends.  So she made sure he knew it was NOT a date.

On the way home, the ex tried to invite himself over for a sleepover.  Kerri politely informed him that her father would not let her have boys sleep over.  And her Daddy quickly added: "Not until you're 40!". 

And under her breath, but loud enough for all of us to hear, Kerri muttered: "With you, not ever."

We couldn't help but chuckle, and feel sorry for the ex.  I quickly told the boy that we only had one sleepover, and that we would most likely never have another, so it had nothing to do with him personally.

So the chocolate cooking class was a sweet success....but the ride home might have left a bitter taste.

Life with Kerri is bitter sweet sometimes.