Today I pulled Kerri out of school to go see an Orthodontic specialist for the very first time.  Her teeth are crowding, and there is really no room for them to come forward.

The specialist really made quite the impression on Kerri, and Kerri won the entire staff over with her personality.

The good news is that we are going back to our dentist next week to have Kerri's two baby teeth removed early, so her adult teeth have some space to move forward.  We will follow up with the specialist in six months to see if he needs to put a spacer in then.

He asked if I had any other kids, and I made him laugh when I apologized that Kerri will be his only client from us. 

After a quick sushi lunch, Kerri asked to go back to school so she would not miss library day.

Life with Kerri is glad my little girl likes going to the dentist.