Cooking Class.

Last night Kerri and her friend Natalie went to a cooking class.  We watched them learn how to make pastry, chicken pot pies, mini butter tarts, and rustic apple pie.  And while the girls had fun in the kitchen, hubby and I had a "mini date" in the waiting area.

It would have been perfect, except that there were two male cousins in the class that spent the entire two hours rough housing with each other, not paying attention, and throwing raisins all over the place.  At one point, another boy - tired of the horse play - wanted to leave.  The boy's Mom, hubby, and I took turns walking by the cooking class, and looking in.  They did not like that we were watching them.  That helped quiet the boys down a bit.

On our way home, Kerri, Natalie and I talked about it, and how a few rowdy boys really made it hard for the rest of the kids who really were interested in the class.  And I commended them for doing their best to ignore them, and still managing to turn the class into a positive experience, despite the distractions.

So the girls learned a few things last night - more than we expected!

Life with Kerri is looking forward to talking to the cooking school Manager on Monday.