On the Homestretch

It's been a whirlwind wedding season that is winding down. Two more weddings on the schedule and we'll call it a success- 49 weddings! It's entirely possible there will be a few more before the end of 2012 but the official season is coming to a close. Already I am hearing from brides for cakes in 2013.

This cake was a lot of fun. I found a great variety of fruit at a local orchard farm stand including those cute little crab apples. The leaves are sturdy salal. I sugared them by painting them with egg white and dusting with baker's sugar. When Peter saw the fruit on a tray, he asked me why I had frozen the fruit. I had some leftover fruit pieces that I put in a cut glass bowl for a lovely table centerpiece that has lasted for a couple weeks.

This cake caused a bit of anxiety as I worked through figuring out exactly what color "platinum" is. I just happened to have exactly the right shade of grey/silver/chrome/platinum ribbon in my stash which was a huge relief the night before the delivery. The ribbon perfectly matched the bridesmaid's dresses (I discovered at the delivery) so the bride was pleased!

This wedding cake was ordered two days before the wedding. A Taiwanese couple apparently decided to throw a wedding together that quick. I got a somewhat panicky, early morning call from a chef at a mountain resort. They wanted vanilla/vanilla with red and hot pink, the couple's cultural wedding colors. I now surprise myself at how easily I can throw out one of these things on short notice.

A classy cake for a classy hotel wedding.

And then something out of the ordinary-
This couple wanted to incorporate their Norwegian heritage by having a rosemalling design on the cake in their colors of turquoise and purple. This is way outside the box for me since I'm not an expert at piping and the thought of it can send me into fits of anxiety. Combine that with the fact that the piping is purple which leaves absolutely no disguise for goof-ups and I'm a bundle of nerves. I don't think I nailed the design but the cake was acceptable. At least I hope it was.

One more, easy-peasy, "rustic, messy" icing and beautiful flowers, then some slab pies and a groom's cake and it's on to next year!