Not yet.

I am not ready for my little know it all to grow up. 

She is ready for a training bra, and puberty.

I am not ready for the hormone changes, and all that comes with it.

She is ready for tween crushes, boy bands and Justice fashion.

I still think Gymboree is a great clothing store.  And NO boyfriends allowed!

She is ready for more independance.

I am holding on to my little girl, wishing she would not be in such a hurry to grow up.

She is ready for I-Carly, Victorious, and Big Time Rush.

I am wondering whatever happened to SpongeBob and Scooby Doo?

She has decorated her bedroom walls with posters of her choosing.

I miss all the "princess" decor, and little girly touches.

She wants to wear heels.

I refuse to buy them...for now.

She wants to wear makeup!!!

I compromised on lip gloss and lip balm.

She makes her own jewelry, and wears accessories.

I still can't believe that my baby - who never let me put a bow in her hair - is now the complete opposite.

She is starting to spread her wings.

I am still clipping her feathers, hoping she does not fly too soon.

She is ready.

I am not sure I ever will be.

Life with Kerri is saying goodbye to our little girl, and welcoming a pre-teen into our home.