Blah, blah, blah.

Yesterday we took Kerri to the movies to see "Hotel Transylvania", a very cute and funny animated movie about Count Dracula's love for his daughter, and the hotel he created to protect all the world's monsters from humans.  We loved the movie, and spent the entire car trip home using the Count's words "Blah blah blah" (in our best vampire accents) to each other. 

Yes, we are goofy, and proud of it.

So when we got home, we found that Pookie had "blah blah blahed" all over the bathroom rug.  Poor pooch.  We think he drank Kerri's yogurt that she left on the table, and concluded that the pooch is lactose intolerant.

This morning, hubby woke up with the "blah blah blahs", so he and Pookie are cuddling in bed together.  It must be contagious.

Life with Kerri has the blahs.....with a vampire accent.