Another milestone.

Kerri has learned how to use her asthma inhaler all by herself, without the pump attachment/face mask thing.  This now means that I don't have to sit for an hour and a half while she is at her Brownies meeting. 

So for the first time last night, Kerri carried her rescue inhaler in her pants pocket.  She knew I would not be out waiting for her. She knew she had to use her inhaler on her own if needed. (She knows her leaders know all about her asthma too). 

I dropped her off, then went home to meet her Daddy, who was coming home from work, on the bus.  We went on our first dinner date.  It was only subs - but having over an hour to ourselves, for adult conversation without little ears listening in (and her big mouth interrupting) was indeed priceless.  And sitting in a little uncomfortable booth in a busy, noisy sub place just seemed like heaven - and romantic!

When we both went to pick Kerri up, she was beaming.  She was awarded four badges last night!  And she was very proud of herself, for being independent for the very first time.  And we are very proud of her.

Life with Kerri has reached another milestone.