Quick updates!

I haven't been able to get in to Blogger the past few days, so I am a bit behind in my posts.  I will be posting pictures of our Toronto trip this weekend.

Last night we hosted a "movie night" on our block.  We taped a white sheet on a wall, set up a high definition laptop and projector, some really good speakers, and then everyone pulled up their chairs and blankets to watch "Despicable Me" when it got dark enough. The kids loved it!  Some even put on PJ's for the movie.  We are so lucky to have such great neighbors. 

This evening my Dad is scheduled to arrive from Florida.  We cannot wait to pick him up at the airport!  Kerri is super excited.  It's been a year since we last saw him, and we get to celebrate all our birthdays together this month. 

Speaking of birthdays, I am doing something a bit different this year for Kerri's school and neighbor friends.  I found a cooking school, and they will be hosting Kerri's birthday party.  The kids get to make their own pizzas, fruit salad (all of which they get to eat).  Then they get served birthday cake, and then they decorate cupcakes to take home.  All the kids here are super excited, and we are all looking forward to that party!

The first week of school was a success.  Kerri likes her teachers, and she has reunited with classmates from last year.  We did have a problem with a young student on the bus though.  He has been hitting and kicking, and picking fights on the bus.  He injured Kerri and her ex, and the bus driver did and said nothing.  So us Moms called the school, and the new principal promptly took action.  I love schools with zero tolerance policies on bullying!

Kerri also has registered again this year for Brownies.  This will be her third year in Girl Guides.  And she is going to attend cooking school.  So far, it looks like a busy year ahead!

Life with Kerri is making the most of every moment.