Playing catch-up.

I did not have access to Blogger for a few weeks, so I have some catching up to do.  So here goes:
  • We had an awesome visit from my Dad.  During his stay, we celebrated our birthdays: Kerri turned 8, I turned 47, and Dad turned 72 years old.  We can't look at another birthday cake! 
  • Dad made lots and lots of chimichurri.  The entire middle shelf of my fridge is full of jars.  Anyone want some?
  • Pookie loved seeing his "grandpa".  He was on his lap constantly, or playing ball with him.  He is really missing my Dad, almost as much as we are.
  • We think a trip to Florida is in order - it's been way too long!  We are waiting on Tammie to tell us her schedule in order to decide whether we are travelling this year or next. 
  • Life is good.  Really, really good.
  • Kerri's ex asked for her hand in marriage.  Yesterday he told Kerri he loved her.  Kerri told her ex that she hated him.  Hubby growled, and I think it's funny.  Yes, we are the new Kerri Boo Boo family.
  • My next hematologist appointment is on October 2nd.  Hoping to get a diagnosis, or a referral to a specialist at some point soon, because I have already had four blood tests in the past few months and still no answers. 
  • I almost fired my cleaning fairy company, due to an incompetent office worker with a complete disregard for customer service.  Luckily, my favourite cleaning fairy made it all better and the fairy office manager convinced me to give them another chance.  And then she offered me a job in the office!  I wonder if the job comes with wings....
And that dear friends, is Life with Kerri.