Moving Up in the World

Our kitty grew up and had kittens. Cats tend to do that. We knew it would happen and the kids especially were looking forward to it because it has been several years since there has been a litter of kitties around here. We only had one spayed female barn cat and that wasn't enough to keep our rodent population in check so we brought Mara to the farm. Remember the little kitty with the  grey chin?
She still has a grey chin and now she has a family too. About a week ago she kept coming into the house to scope out the territory. Because she loves the luxury of Alyssa's bed it looked like she was going to use it for labor and delivery so Alyssa locked her window. Smart girl. Mara gave birth in the barn like a good barn cat, right under the hay manger.

But today she decided her babies needed new accommodations. She apparently plans that her offspring will have a new station in life and not be barn cats.

I think Beatrix Potter could make something out of this.

Alyssa wasn't so sure she wanted her bed to be the training ground for this batch of kitty royalty.

But Mara kitty is very purr-sistent.