What Drought?

My son-in-law has come up with a watering system that is thwarting the effect of the summer drought. They've had a few rainstorms this season but they are so infrequent that the garden gets pretty toasted in between waterings.

So Nathan rigged up an efficient rain water gathering system on one of the outbuildings. Katie says the 300 gallon tanked will quickly fill in one good rainstorm.

Then the water gets transferred (by buckets) to the rain barrels stationed around the garden.

Katie then uses a bucket to water the most thirsty plants.

They hope to eventually add drip water lines that will eliminate the time-consuming job of carrying water buckets,

...but in the meantime, the garden is much healthier and greener since the other times I visited when the ground was cement hard and the plants were toasted.
I'm glad to see that those gift subscriptions to Mother Earth News that I've been sending my son-in-law have paid off with a bit of inspiration to that hard-working guy.