Updates from the hood.

  • Kerri and the kids were playing with sparklers a few nights ago.  Running in the dark, Kerri did not see a skateboard in the lawn and she fell, right on top of the sparkler.  It burned a hole in her shirt, and burned her tummy.  Her ex immediately jumped to her rescue to put the fire out, and she hurt her knee on the pavement.  She was a crying, bloody mess.  Within ten minutes, she was bandaged up and running around happily again.
  • We are packing again.  We are heading to the Canadian National Exposition in Toronto, where we will meet up with our friends Kerri, Jeff and their daughters.  Can't wait!
  • Tomorrow I see the hematologist again with the latest results of my blood tests.  I know they came back bad because they called me.  I guess I will find out what's next tomorrow.
  • It has been really, really hot here.  This summer we broke quite a few records with the heat.
  • Kerri starts school next week!  Third grade, here we come!
  • Catherine's birthday dinner was a success.  I made fajitas for the first time, and everyone liked them.  And the cake was pretty yummy too.  It was great to see Catherine again, and of course, her BFF Nana.
  • My Dad arrives in a week too!  It will be fun catching up, spending some quality time with him, and of course, making chimichurri for all his clients.  Plus we will be celebrating Kerri's, mine and my dad's birthdays. 
  • I finally paid off hubby's car.  It was awesome to make that last, tiny car payment.  And I don't plan on buying another car for as long as possible.  His 2007 Chevy barely has 18,000 miles on it.  And my 2004 MamaMobile has 62,000 miles.  And they don't even make Mercury cars anymore, so I guess that makes my van an extinct "species".  Kerri might even get to drive these cars!
  • We are keeping all our friends and family members in the path of Tropical Storm/future Hurricane Isaac in our thoughts and prayers.  Please stay safe!

Life with Kerri is taking one day at a time.