• Kerri decided to cut her own bangs.  We are getting them fixed today.  She is good at many things, but not at cutting her own hair.
  • Pookie went to the vet today.  It took a muzzle and three of us to hold him down - and he only weighs thirteen pounds!  From now on, the vet wants him medicated with sedatives one hour prior to his appointment(s).  Pookie made sure the entire office knew just how mad he was (the Schnauzer in him was quite the talker today).
  • We are packing.  We have a trip coming up and I will be posting along the way!
  • This weekend we are having a block party.  So I will be hauling out the grill to make burgers and hot dogs. 
  • Corey and Kerri are getting over colds.  Thank goodness I did not catch anything from them. 
  • Our friends Carol and Andre sold their house and are moving a few blocks away from us.  Looking forward to seeing them set up in their new home!
  • Nana is coming over tomorrow....we will be busy running errands all day but are looking forward to seeing her.
  • I finally cleaned out my wallet yesterday.  I had way too many receipts for restaurants in there!  And it seems we always eat at the same places.  I have no idea why I save restaurant receipts for so long.  Maybe I am a receipt hoarder.

And that's Life with Kerri up-to-date.