The highlight of our trip.

Every time we come here, we look forward to seeing our friends Kerri, Jeff, and their two girls J & J.  It has become the highlight of our trip, and since our first meeting we have since made trips to each others' homes too.  Kerri and her girls came to visit us yesterday - they drove over two hours to get here.  So you can only imagine our impatience!  We practically kicked the housekeeper out the door in order to hug our friends and spend some quality time with them.

The girls have all grown since the last time we saw each other (less than three months ago!).  Pookie was in heaven.  He went from lap to lap.  We went out to lunch and had lots of fun, but the girls were impatient to get into the pool.  And so three young girls took over the hotel pool, along with noodles and a pink dolphin named "Squeaky" - while the moms took over the hot tub/spa.  My Kerri finally got the courage to jump into the pool - over and over again!  We stayed until our wrinkles put elephants to shame, and then we headed back to our room for a massive pillow fight between my Kerri and little J.  Big J is too cool for that, so she watched TV and snuggled with Pookie while us moms got to catch up (as if we had not already talked for hours). 

Hubby joined us after he got off work, and we went to Gretzky's restaurant for dinner - it's become our annual pilgrimage!  As we waited for our table, we got to cheer on team Canada at the opening of the 2012 Summer Olympics (which was being broadcast on big screen TVs in the restaurant).  The bar erupted in cheers and applause, it was so very cool.  I also got to take new pictures of the girls standing in the same spot as the last time we were there, so we could compare how much they have changed.  And even though my Kerri tried everything to get them to stay (from trying to hide their belongings to grabbing my friend Kerri by the leg and not letting go), alas, our time together came to an end late last night. 

I can't explain why we connected and became friends, but I can tell you that coming to see Kerri, Jeff and their beautiful daughters J & J has become something I look forward to every year.  And I wish we lived closer, so we could hang out over coffee, and watch our girls play together.  It really is the highlight of our trip to Toronto.  And I am so very glad we got to see them again. 

Thank you Kerri and Jeff and J&J for making it happen.  We love you guys!

Life with Kerri went to bed very happy last night.