On the road again.

Yesterday we embarked on a road trip.  Our first stop is at The Grand Hotel and Suites in Toronto.  We have a great suite on the top floor, and quickly realized that Pookie is unsure of heights.  He keeps looking out the huge floor to ceiling windows and shakes and grumbles.  The mirrors are also a source of amusement, since he thinks there is another dog there and growls at that too.

This morning we went down to the beautiful lobby and then to the Citrus dining room to enjoy their complimentary breakfast buffet.  It was a bit too fancy for my taste (our server was in a suit and tie), but the outdoor garden terrace was lovely.  We are going to check out the rooftop patio gardens and all the amenities later. 

I'll be posting pictures of our adventures on our return. 

Life with Kerri is enjoying the view.