Happy Adoption Day!! A letter to my daughter.

Dear Kerri,

It has been seven exciting, wonderful years since you became our daughter .  We have watched you grow from a scared and traumatized baby, to a charismatic and energetic young girl.  And in those seven years, you have overcome some very big medical and developmental obstacles.  It has been a joy to watch you grow, and learn, and discover who you really are.  And we love you more than ever.

When you were first placed into our arms, we were so overwhelmed with love.  You were beyond cute.  But you were so sick, and we were so scared.  And when we finally got you home, you had terrible night terrors.  We struggled through your attachment issues the first year, and although we never tamed your tiger....we did coax the lion to come out and play.  You tolerated us and all the specialists that helped you along the way.  You found a way to communicate when you could not speak properly.  You learned to trust and love us even though we handed you over to doctors in a hospital that you thought were hurting you (when they were saving your life).  And then you blossomed into an amazing two year old.

Your grandparents were totally in love with you.  You would make Grandma Felisa laugh every time you put tennis balls into your onesie so you could have "boobies".  Your cousins would argue over who got to play with you or sit by you.  And with a bat of your long eyelashes, you would win over anyone who met you.  You survived so many changes: a hurricane, a move to another country, losing three grandparents, becoming really aware of what happened to you in China.  And yet you still persevered.  Most everyone knows you as funny, silly, and cute.  We have seen your vulnerable, hurt and unhappy side.  You are so very beautiful, inside and out. 

You no longer try to please us no matter what.  Now you trust us enough to test us.  And boy, can you test!  If I had a dime for every time you have told me you hate me, or that you are leaving when you don't get your way.  Thank goodness you don't really mean it, because that would break my heart. 

When you tell me that you never want to leave, or that if you move you are taking us with you - it makes me smile (because I know you are going to change your mind about that some day).  You tell me you are going to build us a big house to live in.  You want me to dance at your wedding, and babysit your children.  And that fills my heart.  We love you forever, no matter what.  We are so very proud of you.   

It has been an amazing seven years so far.  I cannot wait to see what happens in the next seven years!  Happy Adoption Day, Kerri.  You are the very best thing that has ever happened to us, and we are the lucky ones - we are blessed to call you our daughter!

Love you big to the sky,