E and ML come to visit.

It is funny how small a world we live in, and how destiny makes things happen.  When my FCC (Families with Children from China) friend E lived in Miami, she was about an hour away from my Florida home.  I am not sure if we ever met up at an FCC event, but we did see each other's names and posts on the South Florida Yahoo adoption group, and later on through our blogs and Facebook.

Not too long ago, E moved to Canada with her family, but she lives six and a half hours away from me.  We stayed in touch via Facebook, and still had not met face to face.

When we came up here on hubby's business trip, we realized that E was not that far away from us (under an hour!).  So we asked her to come visit, and she did - bringing along her adorable daughter ML.

Kerri and ML got along great, and even Pookie had fun playing with ML.  Even though ML is a few years younger than Kerri, the girls bonded over the pool, and later over french fries dipped in Parmesan cheese. Oh yeah, and sprinkled Parmesan cheese on nacho chips.  (Because cheese makes everything better in Kerri's world). And E and I got to chat for hours and catch up on our experiences, laugh at the girls' funny personalities, and take pictures of their incredible cuteness.

Amazing that we had to move to another country to finally meet face to face, when we lived so much closer to each other in Florida!

Life with Kerri is grateful to E and ML for coming to visit - and so glad we finally got to meet our lovely friends in person!