Do you hear that?

I woke up early this morning and realized just how quiet it is when Kerri is sleeping.  I am going to enjoy the silence!

We have been keeping quite busy so far this summer.  There is always someone coming over to visit or for dinner.  And Kerri is really enjoying spending lots of time outdoors with her friends.  A couple days ago we staged an epic water balloon fight with Nana and her friend Megan and Kerri.  The girls were soaking wet and you could hear the laughter and shrieks from Kerri from a block away!

But some days have been too hot - like yesterday, for example - and I have had to keep Kerri inside all day.  She gets bored very quickly. 

We have lots of fun things coming up: a trip, a (surprise for Kerri) visit from Tia, a visit from Grandpa....birthdays - and school and Girl Guides resume in September!  So I will try to remember to take lots of pictures and post them here.

But for now....I am going to just enjoy listening to....absolutely nothing.

Life with Kerri is peaceful in the morning.