A little bit of Kashmir.

Today Kerri wanted to explore a little store close by that is closing at the end of the month.  Everything in the store was imported from Kashmir, and most items were unique and/or hand made.  As I picked out a few gifts for some very special people, Kerri had her eye on some items that were a bit out of her budget.  I reminded her she did not bring her money with her.

I asked the shop owner if he would hold our items so we could go back to the hotel to get some more cash, since I left without much (not thinking I would be going shopping).  When we returned to the store, the shop owner and I chatted away for over half an hour, while Kerri continued to "shop".  At one point, I reminded Kerri she had not brought her money, and she made us both laugh when she said: "Oh yes I did!" and pulled her wallet out of her shorts (it had no pockets, so she had tucked it into the front).

I finished all my shopping.  However, Kerri's tastes were a bit too expensive for her budget.  I told Kerri she was limited to what she brought, even though she tried to convince me to pay the difference, buy it for her, or lend her the money.  So the shop owner made Kerri an offer she could not refuse: he "hired" her to work for him.  He "paid" her $1.00 a minute, until she had "earned" enough money to buy what she wanted.  And when they were done with their business transaction, he then gifted Kerri a silk scarf and a "genie" lamp - and called her a "princess". 

We bought some beautiful gifts today, but the greatest gift was given to us by the shop owner. 

Life with Kerri experienced a little bit of Kashmir today, and it was lovely.