True love.

Tomorrow is our 11th wedding anniversary.  On June 21, 2001, Corey and I exchanged our vows in a beautiful gazebo by the lake at my parent's Florida home.  It was a very private, intimate ceremony and celebration.  Only a handful of people knew about it and witnessed it (since we had a big wedding planned for September in Canada).

We still have (and fit in!) the clothes we wore that day.  And I still have the empty bottle of Dom Perignon champagne that my Mom and I finished all by ourselves (giggling like little girls). 

But more importantly, we are still that same couple.  Yes we have changed: we are older, we are parents now, and we have been through some very difficult things together.  But our love and respect for each other has only gotten stronger.  And we are still each other's best friends.

I'm so glad I listened: to my friend Christopher, who told me to give Corey a chance.  And to Maggie, who told me that if I did not marry Corey, she would.  And to Veronica, who told me that Corey was a good man and that I would be a fool to let him go.  And to my parents, who told me that Corey was  the son they never had and always wanted.  And to my soul mate Corey, who never gave up and got on his knees three times to propose.

Life with Kerri hopes our daughter finds true love someday.