Ten more days.

That's all that is left of second grade this year: ten more days of school.  It has gone by so fast!  And Kerri has loved every single day.  If she could attend school all year long, she would.

Kerri had her last OT session (for this year) yesterday.  She has finally learned how to tie a shoe lace!  She can now complete 3 jumping jacks in a row correctly but her coordination decreases as she completes more.  She is finally printing in a left to right direction, legibly, and no longer reverses her letters (but she still has trouble writing the number 6 correctly).  She has learned how to hold a pencil (with a grip) correctly, but still is slow.  She will be working on keyboarding skills and cursive writing over the summer.  Buttons and zippers are still an issue too.  Our klutzy Kerri will be receiving OT consultative services 1-2 times per month during the 2012-2013 school year, beginning in the fall.

Kerri has also learned to cope with her auditory processing disorder at school.  She now knows to sit close to the speaker, and watch their lips.  She knows to ask questions, or for instructions to be repeated.  And since she can now read and write, she can take notes.

Her speech is better also.  Although she still has trouble 20% of the time (for example, saying "shecks" instead of "sex" - or "taste bugs" instead of "taste buds"), she can now speak pretty clearly and is understood most of the time. 

It has been amazing to watch Kerri overcome her "disabilities" and turn them into abilities.  And she perseveres.  Kerri has such a positive outlook.  She never complains, and works harder than her peers to succeed.  I can't wait to see her report card at the end of this year!

Life with Kerri is very proud of our little girl.