Father's Day.

Kerri woke her Daddy up this morning with a bowl of cereal she prepared herself, and a hand made card.  And then we invited Carol and Andre over for an Argentine BBQ for lunch.

Pookie made sure he was always close enough to beg.  And after lunch, Kerri and Carol started playing "The Game of Life" board game that Kerri picked up at yesterday's garage sale.
Except that the fathers in the house took over, and Andre and Corey started playing too.
Kerri was not too thrilled with having to get a job, or pay rent.
And Andre was busy having way too many kids.
Carol became the banker by default. 
I think she did a pretty good job!
And Kerri made sure that Andre always paid her when crossing over her toll bridge.
Here they are trying to figure out what to do next.
Meanwhile, Carol kept busy counting money.
In the end, Kerri won the game!

And after a lovely afternoon with Carol and Andre, Kerri and her Daddy went to the movies to see "Madagascar 3". 

And that's how we spent Father's Day.

Life with Kerri wishes all the Dads out there a very special and happy Father's Day too!