After school fun.

Yesterday Kerri attended her school's annual backyard BBQ fair.  Nana was over for a visit, so we forced her to come too.  We had a lot of fun!  Kerri got her face painted, we participated in the silent auction and jelly bean guess, and enjoyed the huge blow up slides and obstacle courses.  Then there was mini golf, popcorn, freezies, cotton candy, and about four visits to the bake sale table.  The girls also had pizza!  I think Kerri ingested enough sugar to last a lifetime.

Kerri got to thank her principal, who is retiring this year.  And welcome back the school's secretary, who has been absent all year while she aggressively battled cancer. 

I also got to see some of Kerri's classmates again - but one boy in particular I remembered from the museum visit.  He makes a point to constantly seek out Kerri and say hello to her.  Kerri thinks he has a crush on her, and she thinks he is cute but is keeping him at arm's length.  Nana and I got to grin and giggle over it all - while Kerri blushed and shyly grinned. 

And I got to watch my two favourite girls love each other some more.  Kerri got way too many piggy back rides from Nana, and sat on her lap constantly.  Nana promised Kerri she would never be too old or heavy to sit on her lap.  I am going to hold her to that - and take pictures!

Yesterday was also officially Kerri's last day as a Brownie - until September, when she returns for her third year of Girl Guides.  I was told she earned some badges, but they are going to hold on to them and award them next year - since we missed the last meeting due to the school fair.

We still have one more month of school, and then Kerri will be moving on to third grade.  It has been an amazing year of growth for Kerri, and switching to this school has been such a positive thing for her.  In this year, she "graduated" from speech therapy, was diagnosed with CAPD, started OT for her motor skills, finally got an IEP in place, and caught up on her reading level!  She also learned way more math, French, and science.  And she is slowly battling her shyness.  She is going to be the narrator in next week's school play! 

Even though we were up late, Kerri could not wait to go back to school today.

Life with Kerri is having fun at school.