The third time's the charm.

In June of 1999, Corey got on his knee and proposed for the first time.  I thought he was joking.  We were with a bunch of friends in Kingston, Canada, at a restaurant.  And he had bought all the girls roses.  The waitress was so excited, she made a ring for us from a green paper and wire twister (that she took off a package of bread).

On May 25, 2000, Corey proposed a second time with a beautiful ring and a cruise to the Bahamas.  But I never got to wear the ring, because the stone was loose.  The jewelry store chipped the stone when they tried to tighten it, and then failed to provide us with a replacement ring.  We had an engagement party in June and I wore my green wire twisty ring instead. 

After threatening the store with the police and a lawyer, they finally returned Corey's money.  In July, we took a trip to Argentina, and had a new ring custom made.  This picture was taken at our cousin's house in Buenos Aires, where Corey got on his knee a third time and proposed again.  My Aunt Dora fell in love with Corey, and all my cousins approved. 

So twelve years ago, I said yes. And yes.  Thank you my charming polar bear.  Your love and devotion to us is the most precious gift we have. 

And thanks to Corey and his persistence, we now have the most amazing life with Kerri.