Seven years ago today....

I called in sick to work.  I sat in front of my computer, hitting the refresh button over and over again.  I smiled and cried as each of our adoption agency group families posted their referral information and photos.  And I held my breath for the call that was about to happen at any moment.

It seemed like days, but it actually only took a few hours.  I wondered if waiting in a labor delivery room felt this way.  I was nervous, and excited, and if the phone rang and it wasn't the adoption agency, I would practically hang up on the person with a rushed "call you back later".

And then it finally happened.  I got the call.  And I cried.  I tried to write down everything that was being said to me.  We laughed, we cried, and then we hung up.  I called Corey immediately at his job to tell him he was going to be a father.  And then we waited for the picture to be emailed to us.  His first words after glimpsing our daughter's face for the first time were: "My princess". 

That was seven years ago.  The day we saw Rao Wan Zhen's referral photo.  And we instantly and immediately fell in love with our daughter.

Happy referral day Kerri.  You have changed our lives forever.  And you are still our princess.

Life with Kerri is celebrating.