Kerri plans to surprise me.

Nana bet Kerri twenty dollars she could not keep quiet for 15 minutes.  Nana lost, to our shock and surprise.  And Kerri has been hanging on to that twenty for awhile.

Today she was looking at a store flyer and asking her Daddy if I would like anything in it for Mother's Day.  Knowing she only had twenty bucks, she was trying to limit herself to things that were as close to that amount as possible.  Her Dad kept shooting down her suggestions, much to her dismay.  (Mind you, this all happened right in front of me but I guess I am invisible sometimes).

After Dad left the room, Kerri pointed out some scented candles that only cost $4.00 each.  She asked me if I liked the fragrances, and when I said I did, she rushed upstairs to tell her Dad she knew what she was going to get me, and that she could afford several of them.  Then she rushed downstairs to ask me if I heard her, and of course I said no.  She smiled from ear to ear and happily skipped off, taking the flyer with her.

She doesn't know it yet, but to me every day is Mother's Day, and every day smells sweet because of the joy she brings.

Life with Kerri has a happy heart.