Grossing Kerri out!

Hubby and I are not really into public displays of affection, other than occasionally hugging and/or briefly kissing (usually hello and goodbye when we he leaves/comes home) in front of Kerri.  Yes, we may lean, or put our arms around each other, or rub each other's back affectionately, but it is all G rated and nothing that I would not expect Kerri to do.

So I was a bit surprised when yesterday I leaned over to give hubby a noisy smooch on the cheek, and Kerri screamed, covered her eyes and yelled: "No Shecks!  You are grossing me out!".

Apparently, we have finally reached that stage where our daughter thinks her parents are creepy freaks. 

I can have so much fun with this.

Life with Kerri is amused.