Doctor's visit.

Today Kerri accompanied me to the medical clinic.  Kerri brought a box of Girl Guide cookies as a gift for the doctor.  He actually took the time to go over the ingredients, and told Kerri he would accept them because they were "healthy".  Kerri beamed with joy.

Kerri took a breathing test while she was there.  She passed with flying colors!  We are weening her off her asthma medications until next Fall.  She is doing so much better.  Her Psoriasis is really bad right now, but as soon as we get some sun and warmer temperatures that should start to heal.  Kerri weighed in at around 62 pounds.  She seems to have grown an inch too, and her feet have grown a whole shoe size.  It seems every time I blink she has changed.

The reason we went to the doctor was because I was not feeling well.  It turns out I have an ear infection.  Boo.  So I picked up my medicine, and called hubby to come home early so he could take Kerri to her Brownies meeting.  She is earning her bicycle safety badge today.  Pookie decided to run out the door and jump into the car with them.  I had to pick him up and carry him inside while he shook like a chihuahua.  I guess he wants a badge too.

So that's all our updates for today.

Life with Kerri is on the mend.