This past weekend, Kerri showed me what looked like an insect bite on her arm.  It was a small, red bump, and it itched a little.  We told her not to scratch it.  She seemed OK.  On Tuesday, the school called me.  Kerri was sent to the office because her arm had swollen the size of an apple.  I rushed to school and took her immediately to the doctor.

The doctor advised that it was probably an allergic reaction to an insect bite.  They took pictures of her arm, which had a large red rash on it (the school had marked her arm in ink to show the size of the swelling and the rash).  She was sent home with a prescription for hydro-cortisone, which we applied right away.

Wednesday Kerri stayed home from school.  The swelling was down, but the red rash had spread slightly over the ink mark and the area was hot to the touch.  I continued applying medication, and by the evening it looked much better.  Today I sent her to school, and hope she is OK, since the rash/redness is still there.  We still have no idea what it is.

Life with Kerri is once bitten, and twice shy.