• We spent the weekend cleaning out the basement playroom to turn it into a family room. It has been a cathartic process. Kerri let go of lots of toys she outgrew, and we threw away at least 8 garbage bags! We now have a pile of boxes of toys to give away (or sell, Kerri wants to have a garage sale to raise money so she can buy me a Mother's Day gift...awww).
  • Daddy is not feeling well, he has been trying to fight off something but is losing. I am hoping it is nothing serious.
  • Pookie is headed to the groomer, he is all fuzzy and curly and over-due for a haircut.
  • Kerri spent the entire day yesterday playing April Fool's jokes on us. So at dinner I thought I would get her back and told her I was pregnant. She said, "so that explains why you are fatter than usual." Daddy almost choked.
  • Our couches have to be replaced. We have a store credit that expires in a few weeks. So we need to get to the store and pick out new living room furniture.
  • I am hosting a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt next Sunday! We made invitations, filled hundreds of eggs with goodies, and are looking forward to the kids running around like crazy.
  • I am also throwing an Easter dinner party that day, so I will be cooking up a storm once the egg hunt is over.
  • And this month, we are looking forward to dear friends visiting our lovely city. Can't wait to see them!

Life with Kerri is making changes around the house.