Spring Report

This hellebore is more beautiful every year!

This year it is just full of flowers and I think it is stunning. So glad I splurged on that expensive little start at the garden show years ago.

We did so much outdoor spring clean up over the weekend. The remains of the ice storm still...remain...but mostly in the pasture. It's taken weeks of work by man and boys to clean up the yard with many trailer loads of branches hauled away.
I got the twenty blueberries bushes pruned, as well as the four grape vines and the rose bushes. I weeded and fertilized the strawberries, cleaned flower beds, planted scallions and lettuce and so much more. Pruning the apple and cherries trees is a big job that takes me days and some help from a strong man with a saw. I brought the prunings from the cherry tree in to try to force them to bloom and it worked! Blossoms in the house!

And since spring is in full swing that means baseball has begun and we are spending our evenings huddled in coats and gloves under an umbrella on a wet bench. Fun times!

Happy springtime everyone!