Egg hunt.

We had a lot of fun preparing an egg hunt for the neighborhood kids. I sent out handwritten invitations, bought some baskets and shredded some colored paper to line the baskets.

The kids were really excited!

See? I told you they were excited! They put shredded paper in their baskets, decided how the bunny laid the eggs, and then after playing a quick game (to give the parents in the front time to hide all the eggs) we sent them off.

And this is what the parents saw!

Get out of the way!

There were hundreds of eggs hidden (some very obviously) around the neighborhood. I told the kids they could only collect 20 eggs each and then had to meet me at my doorstep.

Kerri looked everywhere!

She even found eggs there.

And once they had their 20 eggs, they got the good news that there were more eggs to be had, and off they went again!

I am not sure who had more fun.

But it was awesome to get the neighborhood families together for an amazing morning.

And a big thank you to my sponsor and major supporter hubby, who made this all possible.

And of course to Kerri, who thought it would be a fantastic idea.

Thank you to Nana too, for helping us this weekend, setting up the table, hiding eggs, and taking all the pictures (well all except this one). And thank you to Pookie, for accepting solitary confinement during the egg hunt.

The biggest thank you goes out to the neighborhood families. Thank you to all the parents for participating, and helping hide all the eggs! It was awesome to see everyone come together, even those of us that don't celebrate Easter. One of the moms made cupcakes! And thank you to the kids, who made us all smile. It was a huge success, and we all agreed we should definitely do this again next year.

Life with Kerri stayed outside playing the rest of the afternoon!