been awhile

been busy.  busy getting things ready for coachella fest.

we rent out our house for some people from la (same people last year and this year).

so, we've been repairing things, touching up paint, washing windows, getting carpets cleaned, upholstery cleaned, getting our pool back in shape (because i pretty much ignore it all winter....not good, but it's back and beautiful), cleaning out every cupboard, dresser, hutch, etc in the whole house, removing all of the toys, clothes and toiletries from every room, etc.  i could go on and on.  but that's pretty much been exhausting all of shad's and my time for the last few weeks (or several weeks = )

after we finished up, we moved into a hotel for 5 nights (2 here in town, while shad and tanner did work/school) and 3 in carlsbad on the beach.  we got back last night and now it's laundry and cleaning.  i think the house will be back to normal by tonight.

i did treat myself to a pedicure today, a stroll around home goods and a few minutes on pinterest.  it felt great to not have "coachella" in the back of my mind.  = )

oooooh, i get asked a lot..."does your house get trashed?"  not too bad.  we've gotten lucky.  it's no worse than when shad and i leave hotel rooms with our kids.  just instead of cups of milk, picture bottles (not with milk inside. ha ha) and instead of playdough and crackers strewn here and there, it's their fancy food wrappers, receipts, bottles, etc. and lots and lots of laundry.  we take a pretty hefty damage deposit and an extra insurance policy out for the weekend, just in case.

but all and all....worth it.  it gives us a bunch of play money for the house. worth it enough to do it again.