Surprise! Well...almost.

So yesterday, Kerri played hookie from school to help continue celebrating Nana's birthday. In reality, she was up all night with horrific night terrors, but we told her the reason she slept in was to play hookie. Kerri thought this was a great idea, and said she would tell her Catholic school teacher that she was playing "hooker" with us. I am sure that is going to go over very well!

So after breakfast, we all piled into hubby's car (because my Mama Mobile tire was getting flat, ugh!) and I asked Nana to put a blindfold on. So she did. And we teased her the entire ten minute drive to the surprise. We told her people were staring at us and someone was calling the police on their cell because I had abducted her. She was mortified, but Kerri laughed and giggled the entire ten minutes. I warned Kerri not to give the surprise away, and told her not to say a word.

So I pulled in to the parking lot and the first thing out of Kerri's mouth was: "I know where we are! I used to come here to do Kung Fu!". And that gave it away, before Nana had a chance to take off her blindfold. My hair salon is in the same plaza, you see. And as a surprise, I had made an appointment with my hair dresser to cut and style Nana's long hair.

As Nana was getting her hair washed, Kerri decided to talk to the staff. One of them asked if Nana was my daughter, and I pointed to Kerri. I think she was a bit confused, but she never asked. And then Kerri won them over with her personality. She shared all she was learning at school, giving the girls her version of a Catholic sex-ed class. It was pretty funny. And then she decided she wanted to sweep up Nana's cut hair, which got her a job offer.

After Nana's beautiful new cut, we headed over to my favorite sushi restaurant for a late lunch. And later on we took Kerri to the Museum of Science and Technology so she could earn her Brownie astronomy badge. It was a great day, and despite playing "hooker", we still got quite the education today. Kerri learned about stars, the hair salon staff learned about ovaries, and I learned to listen more carefully to my GPS - because I got lost coming home!

Life with Kerri is full of surprises.