Spring Fling

One last blanket of white before the season is officially over here in the Great Northwest.

We always seem to have the opposite weather from the rest of the country which currently has unseasonably warm temperatures. This beautiful snow, sparkling under the morning sunshine, drew me out for a walk before the school day commenced.

A snowfall like this in December generates lots of excitement- charming snowmen, closed schools, driving anxieties, hyperbolic weathermen, and lots and lots of hot chocolate consumption.

But in March, two days into the official spring calender, the reactions to snow like this range from blasé to consternation. People are wanting to wear flip flops and plant their gardens, not drink hot chocolate and sit by the fire.

Not me. Now that the plague is gone and we're all sleeping through the night, I'm happy to stay holed up just a bit longer and pretend the seed orders and spring cleaning are still weeks away.

I enjoyed my snowy morning excursion as much as I would have in December except that the snow falling on me from the trees kept insisting that this was a spring snow and would soon be gone.

Farewell winter.