Spring Break is almost over!

Nana has been visiting for a few days, and we have had lots of fun. Kerri and Nana went to the movies, to a park, bike riding, and spent lots of time outdoors in the glorious warm weather we have been having. There have been signs of Spring all around:

These flowers are growing below my kitchen window!

Look ma - no sleeves!

And no socks!

It's almost hard to believe that it is mid March and the girls are outside in summer clothes. We actually had to turn the air conditioner on today. This is not usual March weather for Canada.

Tomorrow Kerri goes back to school. She seems to be over her cold, but now her Daddy caught it. And I have been sick for over a week. I hope we did not give it to Nana.

Life with Kerri is looking forward to getting back to school.