recent pictures

tanner and kate's favorite poses...every single time i take out the camera.  i'm not kidding.  they each have two poses.  and they're always the same.  

 tanner, up late reading.  my heart melted when i saw this.  i was hoping it'd stick.  but it didn't.  

 air-popped popcorn is a staple around here.  we love it.

been spending a lot of time outdoors.  tanner decided to fall in love with soccer....after soccer season ended (and he refused to play after we signed him up).  

my little munchkins

elle is obsessed with her babies.  she carries them everywhere.  they go grocery shopping with us, to church, to bed and to nap time.  they ride in the jeep with her, get pushed around in her stroller, and have many beds all over the house.  

we are loving our backyard...even the dead patch on the left, (because shad decided to turn the water down so low that it all started to die, then slowly rasied it, finding the lowest water level he could put it on without killing it all.)  = )  love that guy.