Cross Country

Over the weekend the boys got a chance to go on their first cross country ski outing. Our neighbor is a world class bi-athlete. He competed in biathlon which is cross country skiing and shooting. His sons are my boy's best friends. The family took the boys with them on one of their many cross country excursions on the mountain. I gave Samuel the camera and these are the photos he came home with. I don't have much commentary since I was not on the trip but I think the photos are great. It looks like it was a gorgeous day to be on the mountain with new snow and bright sunshine.

This is the snow bank in the parking lot of the nordic center. Lots of snow removal this year!

Peter suited up for his run.

Samuel, ready to go.

The boys having their snack.

Sam looks like a pro.

I think I'm going to have to try this sport. Such a gorgeous setting for a workout.

What a fun morning!