Bloody Mary.

A few days ago at school, Kerri's ex boyfriend told Kerri a scary story about "Bloody Mary". He told her that if she went to the bathroom, closed the door and turned off the light, and looked into the mirror and said "Bloody Mary" three times, Mary would come out of the mirror with a knife and murder her.

Kerri shared this information with her Daddy, who had went to pick her up at the bus stop. She could not wait to get home, and went straight to the bathroom before I even had a chance to say hello. And her Daddy, who thought it would be funny, decided to scare her. Kerri ran out of the bathroom screaming. Daddy was chastised.

There were tears. And she was afraid. And then came the nightmares. It took her a few days to summon up the courage to try it again. And just like I told her, nothing happened. And now she knows not to believe everything she hears, even if from her friends. Kerri asked me to share this on the blog so other kids would know not to be afraid of Bloody Mary.

Life with Kerri is not bloody amused.