after-school snack

We make lots of variations on this....sometimes we use coconut milk other times 1% milk (once we did half and half.  really.  really. good).  We even used greek yogurt once and I told him it was a frozen yogurt smoothie.  I prefer it with milk though.

Sometimes we throw in peanuts vs. almonds.  Today is the first time I added oats.  And usually I add chia seed, but Tanner had a new friend over today, and I didn't want to scare him off.  = )

As for the amounts....I never measure.  I just throw stuff in. Plus or minus to taste.  If I were to guess....maybe 1 1/2c milk, handful of oats, handful of almonds, 4t cocoa, pinch of sea salt (if you use roasted salted nuts, omit the salt), pinch of cinnamon, dates and/or agave to taste and ice to the consistency you like.  Just be sure to take the pits out of the dates.  I forgot once.  Wow.  Even my vita-mix couldn't hack that.  

If there's extra shake left...throw it in popsicle molds.  My kids love those too.