Weekend pictures.

As usual, I was having so much fun I did not take too many pictures! We had a fabulous weekend, and Kerri really enjoyed playing with her cousins. The adults had fun too. As for Pookie....

It seems he was feeling a bit left out and wanted some attention. So when he wasn't going from lap to lap, he stole a seat cushion, took it out of the cloth cover, placed it in his doggy bed and proceeded to shred, ingest and make a mess with the pieces of foam.

Baby Clara does not have teeth yet, but that did not stop her from trying everything I cooked: from arroz con pollo (Spanish chicken and rice), to salad, mashed potatoes, milanesas (chicken cutlets), ham, etc. You name it, this little one helped herself to it all and ate quite a bit. Pookie was always ready and waiting under the table to pick up whatever fell.

Here is a picture of Kerri holding Clara. Kerri started asking for a baby sister again, oy!

And remember that snow storm I told you about? Here is Kerri and Taegan enjoying it in our backyard, while hubby dug out the car.

We even were visited by a neighbor friend, who joined the fun. It was pretty cold - check out Taegan's rosy nose!

Here is a picture of Nana and Kim. Hubby changed both their diapers when they were babies themselves. Hard to believe that much time has gone by, but we are so very blessed to see these two beautiful girls grow up into beautiful women - and so lucky to call them friends.

Here is Kim and her hubby Dan, and of course Pookie the trouble maker. Pookie took a liking to Dan, and would jump into his lap every chance he got....even at the dinner table!

And when Pookie realized I was taking pictures, he quickly changed laps and went to Nana's boyfriend Ben's lap. He really likes Ben too - and so do we.

So we had a busy, wonderful, weekend! We miss everyone already...the house is too quiet and Pookie is bored. We are looking forward to our next get together!

Life with Kerri is still finding pieces of foam in unusual places.....hmmm.