The Baby Whisperer

We have a surprising in-house baby handler...

I say surprising because our baby handler is an eleven year old boy.

He can put a baby to sleep...

...and get him snuggly into his bed.

He soothes fussy toddlers.

And.....yes!....he changes diapers!

Even stinky, offensive ones.

I know! Amazing! He's eleven!
He does this voluntarily and without complaint. I don't know why.

And because he is only eleven and (he doesn't like to hear it but....) still a kid...

He comes up with some unique ways to entertain his little charges.

Don't miss that toddler in the back ground unhappy about having to wait for his turn.

He knows how to have a good time.

Do you need a Baby Whisperer? He wants you to know he's available. But only when we're done with him.