Putting it all into perspective.

My day started off as usual, in a hurry getting everyone ready and out the door. Then I went to the dentist for a cleaning. The dental hygienist thought she should poke under a crown, and ended up making my gums swell and bleed. The dentist had to be called over. Thankfully he decided no work needed to be done to that tooth.

Then, when I was leaving, I broke the zipper on my winter coat. Thankfully, I was able to just snap the buttons shut, and that kept me pretty warm, even though the coat was not zipped up.

I went to the grocery store after that. I forgot my list. My items kept falling out of my very full cart onto the floor. I wanted $60.00 cash back at the register but the only option was $20, $40, $80, or $100. And pushing a heavy cart through slushy snow is no fun. Thankfully, I got home safe and sound.

After unloading the groceries through the front door, I went to park my husband's car in the back. There is so much snow, I had to keep pulling in and out of the space to get the car in straight, and not leaning at an angle on top of a mountain of snow. As I was pulling out again, a neighbor decided to drive right behind me without stopping (even though he saw me pulling out). Thankfully, I was able to stop and did not hit him.

Once I was parked, I fell out of the car, slipped and face planted on a mountain of snow - soaking myself from head to toe. Thankfully, that neighbor never moves his car and so all the snow was pristine white and clean - and even better - no one saw me!

I came inside to dry off and put the groceries I had unloaded away. Pookie was busy in the few minutes I was outside parking the car. Thankfully, he did not eat anything that would make him sick.

Let's hope nothing else goes wrong today. Thankfully - if it does - I can keep it in perspective.

Life with Kerri is thankful the glass is always half full.

Update: Kerri came home with a missing tooth. And her glasses broke. And the soles on one of her school indoor sneakers totally came off.

Somebody quick - send some positive vibes!