The rest of 2011

If I get busy, and miss a few weeks of blogging, then I begin to avoid it like the plague.  So the pictures, build and build on my camera.  Finally, build and build on my computer.  More days go by.  I eventually quit taking pictures, because I know I'll then have to blog them.  It stresses me out and I don't want to blog at ALL, because I'm an all or nothing person.

So I continue to avoid and avoid.  But, 2011 is over and I need to work on my 2011 Blurb book.  Therefore, I need to catch up.

So here it is:  Tanner finally loving to read and reading the WHOLE book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, by himself, the manger scene Tanner drew on notebook paper in church one day and we framed, because my heart melts when I look at it, Elle transitioning into a 2 year old, random 2011 iphone pictures, Aliese and Elle baking, Shad re-opening his juicing factory for the winter, Christmas Eve with Rebecca, Steve, Aliese, Anna, Gracie and Shad's Aunt Gerri, caroling to Tanner's primary her, movie night with Biesingers, finally going to the live nativity at a nearby nursery...kate riding on a pony there, Candycane lane with the kids, the golf cart ride to donuts every Saturday morning (a tradition I used to hate...come on, riding on a golf cart (versus riding a bike or walking) to go buy fried food, on a regular basis, but have come to embrace), more random iphone pictures from last summer (maybe?), Tanner showcasing his surprise breakfast he made for the whole family...he set the table, put a centerpiece of fresh citrus on the table,  made a banner/sign, and cooked us each a toaster waffle. It was so, so cute.  And lastly, Big Bear over New Year's Eve, with the Hirsch family (they have a son who is Tanners best bud).  Shad took Tanner skiing for the first time.  When we finally got up the mountain to Big Bear, Shad and I were shocked at how little snow there was, and then Tanner saw a measly little pile of snow that happened to not melt because it was in the shade still, and exclaimed, "WOW.  LOOK AT ALL THE SNOW!!! THERE IS SO MUCH SNOW!!!"  It was so funny. Because he was being dead serious.  = )  

There you go.  I'm done for 2011.  

Now I can start on 2012.